argentina dove hunting

Argentina Dove Hunting

By: A.j. Noriss

Argentina is one of the world's premier Dove-Hunting destinations, and is a country which naturally calls for those outdoorsmen who crave for more than just a regular hunt. In the whole world, there is no place that can compare to Argentina for its variety and abundance of game birds.

Cordoba Province in Argentina depicts ‘high-volume Dove Hunting’. This region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops to flourish most of the year. There are also commercial farms which are happy to support dove shooting. Enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and a proper habitat produces a huge population of Zenaida Auriculata (The Eared Dove). These doves do not migrate and reproduce up to four times annually, resulting to enormous flocks that fly constantly between their roosting woods and open fields, providing year-round shooting experiences.

Dove Hunting In Argentina is one of the most exciting sports as it involves a great deal of dynamism and thrill. Doves possess enormous ability to change their course in a matter of a thousandth of a second, thus calling for highly accurate shots, a steady hand and an immense speed from the hunter, as well as the right calculation of flight speed and direction.

Argentina is also one of the most exquisite places for small game, particularly, for water-bird hunting, such as ducks. Ducks are seen within natural vegetation areas, in or outside water, which gives hunting a natural frame that is beyond comparison. Ducks are attracted using different kinds of decoys. To attract ducks with food, lakes are baited with sorghum and corn. The Duck Hunting blinds or canopies are built in the natural reeds. The guides provided by the outfitters, spread the decoys and as soon as light comes, the marsh rises with thousands of noises, and the ducks start flying, flock after flock to the decoys while the guide calls them for a hunt.

One can truly experience the best of these outdoor leisure activities with the help of experienced outfitters who make the over-all expedition, genuinely rewarding and a good value for money. These outfitters leave the visitor exclaiming, “No dove hunting in the world can compare to Argentina Dove Hunting!!!

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