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Dove Hunting: Advantages and Disadvantages

By: Allen Williams

Corporate dove hunting ... what is it? And why do corporations send groups out to hunt? What are the benefits?

I feel it's more social. Too, it's less expensive to go dove hunting. So there's an economical benefit there. You can typically take more guys to a field. For instance, I have three fields. One is 60 acres, one is 30 acres, another's 80 acres.

If you've brought in a corporate group of 30-40 guys … a pretty good group … then it's a lot easier to accommodate that many people on a smaller piece of land. If I had 30-40 deer hunters, I'd have to have thousands and thousands of acres in order to run a quality hunt.

Back to the camaraderie part … in a small area with more people … everybody needs to be a safe distance apart. But you can jostle each other and mess with each other back and forth the way you normally wouldn't be able to at work.

Here on the ranch with every corporate dove hunt we have a package where we put on a big barbecue. So the camaraderie continues on even after the hunting. Everybody sits around and talks about the hunt, enjoying themselves. We have a big barbecue and just do that.

That's the advantages of it. And we really enjoy having a big group because you just seem to have more interaction, more of a good time.

If the birds are flying really good, to get a limit, the hunt itself doesn't last that long. So there's a lot of extra time that guys can spend together just sitting around relaxing, having a cold drink, and talking about whatever … the hunt itself just being the reason why they've all come together.

A typical dove hunt is that you go out in the morning for whatever birds that you get and then the birds stop flying. They get to the fields. They go to eating. They go to the trees. They rest. So the birds really aren't flying that well.

So guys will come in, relax, and some will take a nap. You have a lot of time, a lot of non-hunting time in the middle of the day, so a corporation could spend that time going over whatever plans they might have on projects or what have you.

Corporate dove hunting can be your new team building exericse with more productive work time built in.

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