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Dove Hunting: A Typcal Dove Hunt

By: Allen Williams

Dove hunting is quite interesting. If you've never been and are interested in knowing what happens, this description will give you all the information you need to get started.

Typically everyone gets up and we get out to the field just as gray light is coming about, the new day is appearing.

When I grew up, dove hunting started at 12 o'clock noon 'til 30 minutes after sunset. And so you didn't have to get up early as you do now.

Everyone's excited and anticipating the new hunting season because that's what dove hunting is -- the first hunting season of the hunting year. Everybody's ready and up like we're going deer hunting … way before daylight getting their gear together.

You go out to the field, and everyone spreads out to a safe distance away from each other. They just sit there on a stool or stand … whatever a person's preference is. And wait for the birds to start flying around.

Typically, you hunt over grain fields or some type of attractant. A lot of guys hunt over gravel pits before because a bird has to have some kind of gravel in its gizzard and craw. The craw is where they keep the seed stored. As digestion starts, it drops down into the gizzard. These rocks that they eat grind up the seed itself. And that's how the bird gets its nutrition.

So gravel pits and gravel areas are good. It depends on where you are as to what type of attractant you have access to. There are several different types of fields a person hunts over.

We typically hunt over milo or maize as it was called when I was growing up in the area. Sunflowers are probably your biggest attractant. But other areas in different parts of the country might have soybean fields or peanut fields … all kinds of different attractants.

Then in the afternoon a person typically hunts over water where the birds come in, get a drink before bed, and then they go to roost.

Generally, everybody drives out to the field in their trucks, spreads out, and waitw for the birds to start flying.

That's how the typical dove hunt goes. It's a very social event. You're able to holler at each other, "Hey, Joe, one's flying over you." And then if somebody misses one, there's a lot of bantering going on. So, it's a pretty enjoyable time.

For some guys, dove hunting is the only type of hunting that they do just for the social activity more than the hunt itself. I hear it all the time … you don't get very much meat off of a dove. It's not like you're going to fill the freezer. So you're there for more of the social than the actual gathering of the meat.

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From Allen Williams at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch.

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